premium jumbo toilet tissue
Capture 1 ply jumbo roll.PNG

9010 Eveza® Premium Jumbo Toilet Tissue comes in a 1ply 600m roll, addresses very high traffic areas like shopping centres for convenience and minimal changeover required. 

Sheet Width 90mm


premium embossed roll towel
hand towel 100 metre.PNG

2050 Eveza® Premium Roll Towel is designed to last longer. Embossed just enough to remove elements that would otherwise be difficult to wipe off surfaces. This multi purpose roll towel is ideal for use in industrial kitchens.

Sheet Length 100mtr

Sheet Width 180mm


heavy duty yellow wipes antibacterial
Anti Bac wipes yellow.PNG

2003 Eveza® Heavy Duty Wipes is an industrial grade product aimed at providing extra absorbency, strength and durability.  The yellow coded wipes contain an antibacterial agent created for use in infectious control areas.